Tips on How to Clean Landscaping Rocks

Advice from a Landscaping Contractor on Cleaning Landscaped Rocks

Most homeowners ask their landscaping contractor to place rocks in their landscape, whether they be flagstones, boulders, or marble mulch. Cleaning bigger landscaping rocks is not a problem. With some hard work, homeowners can even clean small rock mulch when it begins to look dirty.

Big Boulders

Occasionally, big boulders are too dirty to be attractive any more. This sometimes occurs after a flood or because of construction which is going on nearby. Time also adds lichens or moss to rocks, and a few homeowners could want to clean it off too. With the help of a broom, brush off any loose dirt. Take a common garden hose to clean off any mud. Remove algae and moss also by scrubbing the boulders using a scrubbing brush and a vinegar solution. Then rinse the boulders off once you have finished.

Flag and Paving Stones

Often, this kind of rock within a landscape does get dirty; however, cleaning it can be very simple. Brush them using a stiff brush. Brush vigorously to remove any algae and moss with the help of your vinegar solution. Then wash again using your garden hose which is fitted with a sweeper nozzle.

Rock Mulch

this is when cleaning your landscape rocks becomes more interesting. White rock especially does get extremely unattractive when dirt and debris builds up over time. It will take a bit more work; however, if you are looking to preserve it, cleaning has to be performed.

With the help of a leaf blower, push off as much debris out as you can. Dig deep to see if the landscape fabric is still beneath the mulch. Try washing it using a garden hose to begin with. Use a hose without any attachments, and cover the rocks with water; this should allow any debris to be washed out. This works better if the landscape fabric is beneath the rocks. Place the rock into your wheelbarrow if the first washing is unsuccessful. You will need to to work with small sections. Simply fill your wheelbarrow half full, and then proceed to wash it like that.

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