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Looking for Something More Modern for Your Garden?

Will a Landscape Service Know the Basics of Modern Landscaping?

Modern landscaping designs will combine functional exterior living pieces with plants and other accessories. This will mean homeowners need to chose a contemporary design, which will fit in with their home, combining hardscape materials with plants and furnishings to create a more contemporary look. Modern landscaping takes the basics of modern architecture, using straight and clean lines, in addition to function and minimalism above form.

Creating drawings of a garden is usually the first step to designing a modern landscape. This offers an excellent reference on space available, and helps determine areas for the design to be implemented in. Seating areas can be in one section, with another put aside for flowers and other such foliage. Another function of drawing is to note which parts are shaded and which ones receive only part sun and sun all day. This helps to choose the right plantings.

Creating a theme and a purpose for your garden is another important part in a landscape services job in designing a contemporary design. Some homeowners decide to use every square inch of space, filling them up with the likes of fountains, pools, and patios. However, others are looking for a more quiet and peaceful area, which is surrounded by nature. Understanding the reason behind a landscape will help a provider of landscape services choose the right elements.

The seating area in a modern landscape is normally act as the central focal point. These parts normally house an umbrella table with matching chairs. Modern landscaping, though, usually extends the interior living space, to the exterior. Which means using wicker chairs and sofas, glass tables, or rocking chairs. The key to a modern landscape is pairing the exterior furniture with all the hardscape materials already there.

Hardscape elements create lines and angles, they can also be used to mix architectural elements in order to create a more uniform look. Instance of this are pebbles, mulch, colored tiles, and concrete.

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