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How to Become a Professional Landscaper

Explained by a Landscape Services Provider

Landscaping is an awesome job. It combines knowledge of soils, flora, and water for the purpose of creating wonderful eye-catching designs. Providing all sorts of landscape services is not easy, and below, you can read some useful tips on becoming a true expert.

  • Education. In order to become a respected landscaper, you need to have a college degree. A few public colleges offer degree and certificate programs you can participate in. The main purpose is to get a degree in landscaping technology, also known as ornamental horticulture. In addition, students learn how to use pesticides, design landscape plants, maintain landscapes, and select plants. The program lasts for two years, and you need to acquire skills in math, horticulture, landscape design, chemistry, and business.
  • Experience. The next step is to accumulate work-related experience. You have multiple career opportunities. You can become a landscaper, nursery manager, golf course superintendent, or horticulture specialist. In order to become an expert, you need to take a part in an internship program to get prepared for employment. This way, you will get the relevant qualifications for entry-level positions in which you will learn to maintain vegetation, lawns, plants, as well as operate with the necessary equipment.
  • License. Getting licensed and insured is an essential part of your landscaping career. Explore the local and state laws to obtain a legitimate license to start offering your services legally. Insure yourself against risks of injuries and traumas. Have in mind that most clients look for licensed and insured companies for their landscape projects.
  • Development. In order to become popular contractor, you need to make your business well-known in your neighborhood. Create a professionally-looking website. At a later stage, you may include ”before and after” pictures which will make your company more attractive to potential customers. Make business cards, and give them to everybody you know. Advertise in the local newspapers and magazines.

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